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About Diversity Summit     

  • 2009 Diversity Summit Program (3/7/2009)
  • 9th Diversity Summit on May 1st 2009 at Sugar Land Marriott Hotel (2/14/2009)
  • About Diversity Summit (2/10/2009)

  • About Diversity Summit

    We live it, anticipate it, plan it, and still are surprised by it from time to time. Diversity is the key to garner the energy of changes to propel our business. Diversity creates an inclusive environment that we comes and values differences. Diversity expands relationship and helps people to reach their full potential. Hence, employers include these people would derive maximum productivity for their
    Filling a need to bring orhanizations and individuals together to discuss and learn more about diversity practices and the impact on the workplace, the Diversity Summit was born in 2001 with the theme -
    ¡§Diversity - The Power of Inclusion¡¨. The Summit drew over 200 attendees from corporttions and small businesses, chambers of commerce, professional organizations and non-profits. The 2002 Summit, ¡§Harnessing the Power of Diversity = Success¡¨ drew over 250. In 2003, the Summit theme was ¡§ Diversity Leadership and the Bottom Line a Clear Connection¡¨. It drew over 300 attendees.
    As one of our founding sponsors of the Diversity Summit, Mr. Steve Miller, then Chairman and CEO of Shell Oil Company, summarized it the best:¡¨ I encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunity to share your learning¡¦s with each other so that we can move our organizations to a new level. We need to work together ... to share best practices ... so that no opportunity is missed to achieve an environment of inclusion and engagement ... ¡§

    Program Focus

    The focus of the 2009 Diversity Summit is to facilitate the sharing of best practices and help people to reach their full potential. We will discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions in the increasingly global arena.

    For updates on the coming Diversity Summit, please click to our Diversity Summit 2009 Program.

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